Friday, May 18, 2012

Buck 2 (worlds?)

For 58 minutes all I was saying to self "I gotta stop drinkin so much coffee". Seriously. Tit for tat, gave up chewing copenhagen for drinking coffee round the clock. I need a new vice.

Random- Is this Sting? mountain biking can be analogus to wrastling.

Buck 2, I don't get the "worlds" reference. Can it be a multicultural reference? Perhaps a political message to the people along 35W? Buck/ Penn institution innuendo? Or reference to style of race similar to what the international pro guys do. Speaking of Pro's, where is Young Jack Hinkens?

Buck 2, work day was in control (but drank too much coffee as stated above). Conditions beyond dry, odd... Hot but no humidity made you feel like you were withering away like a weed in the sand. Warmup/ course route/ starting line. Off start, fail- wanted to jump instead tap danced, 50' off line there is my manz Jim ahead of me (nice! he practices that stuff I think).

Buck 2, first lap had very difficult time getting up to speed and holding it, lap 2 attempt to be the hound and catch the fox's, lap 3 caught some fox's, lap 4 attempt to drill it to finish.

Sum- felt slower and flatter then last week, but had better result, go figure. I'd get heart rate up but anytime I backed off it just dropped. Parking lot hacking dust and vomit behind MVP car. Odd, no excuses. Just gives you something else to riddle over.


Good luck to those taking place in Saturday events (Cable Classic- GobigWondertwins!, Almanzo). Some people doing back to backs with Afton on Sunday (if Ed himself was then it would be an Edduro). That Royal certainly looks like the feat of feats...

Time for me to get packing... Full circle, moving back to where I started in less than a month... North Iowa (Lakeville), gravel, and my Murphy summer and winter edition loops. Odds are we'll get more snow this winter, bliss.

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