Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gratitude/ Gravelman

Good Times Gone And You Missed Them
What's Gone Wrong In Your System
Things They Bounce Just Like A Spalding
What'd You Think Did You Miss Your Calling
It's So Free This Kind Of Feeling
It's Like Life It's So Appealing
When You've Got So Much To Say
It's Called Gratitude, And Rhat's Rig

Rapped by the B Boys

Iron (Gravel)man... Better people watchin then the state fair.  I align with the Randoms/ beginners/ and nonshalants more than the Bike or Race Cultures.

Riddler of the day.
My work sponsors those of us that pedal. Decided to mix in gravel and dry ditches with the boring road. Hilarious response from the Randoms, when I'd do a 90 onto gravel, "your going the wrong way!". Just respond, "LCR!" Then there was coming off gravel to the route I'd get, "you lost?"... ha.

Taking my ditch/ gravel route, many a interesting flood situations...

Idea, duathelon- Bike/ Kayak/ Bike?
Road closure in the works...

Too bad no full flood crossing, the unknown... 

Got this from the garden. and my House sold (for the second time in a week)... 

Dime bag of Taragon

Skipping the Sandwich allowed sale of current home and purchase of new to go down! A few hurdles ahead, but for now looks like I'll be heading back to my roots in N Iowa (Lakeville). 

Download some B Boy music and have a good laff... Yo. 


  1. Scart of Pneumonia Contagion?
    Didn't even get my op to say NO.
    Congrats on making steps to move closer to Utopia. (UtopiaBURB)

    Who am I kidding.........Q-topia

  2. Thursday night = dress night.

  3. Is that you in the yellow jacket doing some 3 wheelin with santa?