Friday, May 11, 2012

Buck 1

Good times kicked off at Buck. 
Took aways-
  • Same drill different year, but less weekday work crisis' to consume self.
  • A bit of new trail, thank Goosey and Pickles.
  • Trail loose, scetchy, not ridden in = perfect.
  • Over 200 rider/ racers. Results-  
  • Sort of late to the line, Triflow doesn't have the dress or room for me to fit in the front.
  • Unlike some who think they deserve a spot up front and weazle in, I take up towards the back.
  • Fighting from the back works the race handling skills and mental game. When backed in a corner, those that don't practise it have high probability of tap out.    
  • Lap 1 was a prolog and panic at the dirt disco, lap 2 attack dog, lap 3 eyes bled, lap 4 scramble and fail.
  • Odd high end physio output. Felt like my lawn mower with a bad air filter. Run good, sputter, repeat. 
  • 30th place,  Beatin by my guys Nope and Ed Guy Johnson. They are the marks now. ha
  • Post race LCR lap... Details remain excluded to protect the guilty.

Nope with the pre race nap.
Good Ata Boy after race... I spot a chair in middle of crowd. D-Man, do like his Old Man do, mobile chair plant in midst of crowd. Representing his Pops well indeed.

Next up- Planning a move, riding bikes- need less base but more high end, races (not sure- random). I do know I got to get to Mammoth and ride Log of Death X.  

Happy Mothers Day all you Moms and Mothers...

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  1. Happy mothers day to you too Mother.